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Flooded low-land which is at times marshy or dry, forms an important habitat. If the area is open and not populated by trees, rare meadow birds such as Lapwing, Black-tailed Godwit and Common Snipe... Read more
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Naturefund bought together with HGON another wet meadow in the Kinzig valley. Altogether four hectares are now protected, which we aim to convert into a biodiverse lapwing biotope. Read more
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In October 2009, Naturefund began a co-operation with Ho Avy, in order to conserve a unique Spiny Thicket forest through a reforestation project in South West Madagascar. Learn more about the current... Read more
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With the Forest Network, Naturefund would like to conserve one of the last rainforest areas in Kenya, the Kakamega forest. Together with TREIN, Naturefund will plant a protective ring of trees around...

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The Jaguarundi (Felis yagouaroundi) is a subspecies of the Puma and is also known as “Otter cat”, due to its mottled fur and elongated body. At first glance the Jaguarundi, which is not much bigger... Read more
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On the banks of the rivers and streams of Nicaragua a very special forest grows, where the trees have a supply of water even during the dry season. These trees keep their leaves the whole year round.... Read more
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The tropical dry forest consists of trees that lose their leaves in the 7-month long dry season. This protection mechanism helps against the drying out of the trees. Until the beginning of the wet... Read more
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The tropical dry forest on the Pacific coast of Central America is a unique and today a very rare forest biotope. Moist winds arrive from the east and empty themselves of rain in the mountains, which... Read more
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Naturefund buys land for nature in order to protect the great variety of species on our planet. Why not join us and save a piece of land yourself? Read more
· · Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
The current national emissions-reduction pledges accompanying the Copenhagen Accord will not limit global warming to two degrees Celsius. In fact, they imply a global mean temperature increase of more... Read more

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